Laju Sholola Nigerian, b. 1989

Laju is a contemporary artist that is inspired by the human form and the emotions derived from personal introspections of life experiences.

Laju Sholola, visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria.  Engaging with themes of visibility, vulnerability, and strength, Laju's art often focuses on the intimate expressions/moods of women to capture the uncertainties and hope in their journey of self-discovery.


Her work seeks to encourage us to learn to embrace our unique journeys and strive for confidence in appreciating our growth and who we are.


Laju primarily works on small to large scale canvas and paper using organic materials such as tea leaf extracts, ink and charcoal to create variations of fluid brown tones on the skins and backgrounds of her subjects as a form of mark making to describe the essence and vulnerabilities of humans.


"I view each mark as a unique story of impression, a way of creating a textured ground that reflects emotions from different life incidences".

This is a shift in her approach which allows her to intricately reflect her inner journey through her paintings.

  • Laju Sholola, Green Chair, 2020
    Green Chair, 2020
  • Laju Sholola, The Wait, 2021
    The Wait, 2021

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